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When Metal Goes Acoustic: Disturbed David Draiman On Covering Simon & Garfunkel

When Metal Goes Acoustic: Disturbed On Covering Simon & Garfunkel

For the band's Simon & Garfunkel cover, Disturbed's lead singer, David Draiman (second from left), utilized the classical vocal techniques he learned at his synagogue as a child.
Travis Shinn/Courtesy of the artist
In 2009, the heavy metal band Disturbed received a Grammy nomination for its song "Inside The Fire," a hard-hitting, emotional track delivered with aggressive guitar riffs and raspy singing.
Recently, the band received another Grammy nomination, but this time it was for a song with a very different sound: an acoustic cover of Simon & Garfunkel's "The Sound of Silence." Lead singer David Draiman says the band's drummer, Mike Wengren, had the idea: "It had been something that his family had played in the background when it was time to do the chores at home," Draiman says.
Once they'd settled on the song, the group's guitar player, Dan Donegan, urged his bandmates to depart from their signature sound in favor of something gentler. Melodic singing wasn't out of the question for Draiman: When he was young, he trained to be a cantor, the singer who leads a Jewish congregation in prayer.
"I hadn't attempted to go to that spot of my vocal ability for many years," he says. "Listening to the way my vocals sounded in that beautiful bed of music — and not having heard my voice in that way for so long — it was really just very, very overwhelming."
Disturbed's latest album, Immortalized, is out now. Hear more from Draiman at the audio link.

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Avenged Sevenfold and Disturbed David Draiman, Genting Arena, Birmingham - review and pictures

Avenged Sevenfold and Disturbed, Genting Arena, Birmingham - review and pictures

They are two of modern-day rock’s greatest live vocalists - and last night Disturbed’s David Draiman and Avenged Sevenfold’s Matt ‘M’ Shadows most certainly did not disappoint.

Avenged Sevenfold and Disturbed, Genting Arena, Birmingham - review and pictures
They are two of modern-day rock's greatest live vocalists - and last night Disturbed's David Draiman and Avenged Sevenfold's Matt 'M' Shadows most ...

The rock giants treated fans to a double header at Birmingham’s Genting Arena; filling the NEC venue with heavy metal fans of all ages.

Chicago band Disturbed came first - bringing with them a superb display of pyrotechnics and an astounding live performance.

Disturbed at the Genting Arena

Devoted fans sang along as the band performed an array of numbers - from 2000 fan favorite Stupify, through to songs such as The Light, released in 2015.

The band were deliciously heavy and faultless throughout, but the real highlight was of course the tremendously talented David Draiman.

And his voice was sublime; shown especially well during his spine-tingling, jaw-dropping rendition of Simon and Garfunkel’s The Sound Of Silence.

Disturbed's David Draiman

“Light up your phones - now is the time,” bellowed David, indicating that he was well aware the fans were dying to hear it.
And, as his strong, gorgeous vocals were carried across the venue, a constant echo of the room singing along could be heard - amazing, I thought, given the number of young people in the room who otherwise wouldn’t have had their eyes and ears opened to such an iconic song.
Another highlight was the band’s superb, hefty, lively performance of 10,000 Fists; their electric energy spreading to the crowd as they threw their hands in the air and sang along.

“Together my brothers and sisters, we are Disturbed,” shouted David.
“You guys kicked ass tonight.”

Then came what appeared to be the main attraction for many - the super-talented Avenged Sevenfold.

And, though they were incredible, the most impressive act of the night for me was undoubtedly Disturbed.
Musically, Avenged Sevenfold truly stunned. Guitarist Synyster Gates really shone throughout as star of the show - thrilling the crowd with his high-paced, intricate fingerwork, awesome hefty riffs and shredding at what seemed like the speed of light.
L-R: Guitarists Synyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance
Birmingham, how you doing?” beamed vocalist Matt Shadows.
“David said you’re the best crowd of the tour so far.
“It’s always good to play a show in the birthplace of heavy metal.”
The band had set out to create something new visually; with 3D effects transporting fans into space - and a huge astronaut floating above the stage. The effects were certainly impressive - particularly the astronaut - but much of it was lost on those sat either far side of the stage. In fact, it would have looked best from the back. Though not many of the back rows were even taken.
Again, the band played a wide variety of material - promising at the start to play something from each of their albums. This was perhaps a slight downside for me, as I didn’t know a fair amount of the set. It was a shame in that I couldn’t sing along, but also a good thing as it meant I could appreciate just how tight and talented the band actually are.
Avenged Sevenfold at the Genting Arena

Fans rocked out and mini mosh pits formed in the crowd as the band blasted out numbers such as Buried Alive and God Damn.
Matt’s vocals were stunning and superbly versatile throughout - shown especially well on 2010 number Nightmare and Little Piece of Heaven; which was dedicated to and written by drummer The Rev, who tragically died back in 2009.
Favorites such as Bat Country and Hail to the King had fans jumping around and singing along, as the thunderous drumbeat vibrated through the seats and tremendous playing from all three guitarists thrilled.
“Thank you Birmingham. See you next time.” said Matt, as the venue began to empty.
I, for one, would be happy to see this double header show every year - so, guys, please do return soon.
By Kirsten Rawlins

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Disturbed's David Draiman speaks ahead of tonight's Birmingham gig

Disturbed's David Draiman speaks ahead of tonight's Birmingham gig

They’re one of the loudest bands in the world. American metal quartet Disturbed will turn up the volume when they feature at Birmingham’s Genting Arena alongside headliners Avenged Sevenfold tonight.


The metal quartet Disturbed will turn up the volume when they feature at Birmingham’s Genting Arena alongside headliners Avenged Sevenfold tonight.

The two bands have been selling out dates around the world. Avenged have been on a roll since the success of their No1 record Hail To The King, which was supported by a sold-out arena tour and headline slot at Download Festival in June 2014.

The Band which hails from Huntington Beach, California, have now returned to the UK bigger and badder than ever.
They have become known for their spectacular live shows, routinely selling out arenas worldwide and headlining some of the biggest and most prestigious music festivals.
And they are joined on the road by Grammy-nominated hard rock titans Disturbed, who are back after a four-year hiatus with the critically acclaimed No1 album Immortalized.
The album, the band’s fifth consecutive US No1, has already boasted three huge top spot-grabbing smashes The Vengeful One, The Light, and the global sensation that is their powerful version of the Simon & Garfield classic The Sound Of Silence.
Listen to Disturbed's cover of The Sound Of Silence here:

Not many people would have put money on Disturbed’s biggest hit being a slow, gentle piano ballad. And yet their cover has eclipsed hard-rock smashes like Down With The Sickness and Stupify with its sales.
David Draiman, the long-time frontman for the group, says the song’s success exceeded expectation.
“You always hope to transcend what you’ve already done, and this certainly seems to be doing just that. We really couldn’t be happier. We welcome anyone and everyone to the fold, and it’s just great to know that the emotion and the style of this particular version of this song is affecting so many people.”
The Chicago band’s last five albums, dating back to 2002’s Believe and including Immortalized, all hit No1 on the Billboard 200 charts.
However, The Sound Of Silence has opened up the metal group to a new audience.
Disturbed have become known for lighting up the stage with their spectacular live shows
Draiman adds: “I get contacted by, and reactions from, people who have either never heard of us before, or hadn’t heard from us in quite some time.
“Sometimes people are familiar with the songs but not the band, per se. This whole new door that has opened to us has been really amazing - getting people from all walks of life, getting people who probably wouldn’t initially be drawn to what we do, but this song has been a key to unlock the door. Even if people just fall in love with this version of the song, it’s given them the opportunity to check out the rest of our catalogue and they end up falling in love with a lot of it. It’s been a really fantastic catalyst for growth.”
The cover was originally suggested by drummer Mike Wengren and is the third single from Immortalized. It’s even dazzled its composer, Paul Simon, who wrote the song in 1963 and ‘64.
“Paul Simon reached out to me directly,” says Draiman. “He got my email from our management, his management reached out, and he said how much he loved the song. He reached out right after the Conan performance. He watched it and was very impressed with it, and said some amazing things that I couldn’t help but post to our Facebook page. I fan-girled for a second! He ended up posting it on his own personal Facebook page, and it’s really been unbelievably gratifying.
“When the original songwriter himself gives his blessing and compliments you on what you’ve done, when our entire intention was to pay homage to one of the most prolific and gifted songwriters of all time, it’s truly overwhelming and incredibly surreal, and a very big shock.
“We couldn’t have hoped for a more positive outcome. It’s wonderful knowing that he loves it.”
Disturbed are no strangers to cover versions, having recorded songs by U2, Faith No More and Tears for Fears.
Draiman adds: “Something that we consciously recognized when we were writing the Immortalized album was that there’s no longer any reason for us to have any creative or stylistic limitations of any kind. This track and the success that has seen is only further proof and validation of that. I’m not saying that all of a sudden we’re going to become an orchestral, ambient, acoustic, operatic band, but that definitely is something that we can have as part of our repertoire.
“We’ll primarily be aggressive and rhythmic and empowering and driving, but it’s always nice to have a caress that happens in between the multiple slaps to the face.”
By Andy Richardson

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Disturbed "The Sound Of Silence" 03/28/16 - YouTube

This is the best rendition of SOS (Sound of Silence by David Draiman) since its release in 1964. A powerful and moving melody and lyrics performed by a first class band. Disturbed and David Draiman performed exceptionally with a tremendous feeling that captivates the audience. The song played at Conan just added to the creativity, mistiness and professionalism of Disturbed.

Keep on climbing the charts worldwide - over 168 million hits on youtube and over 42 million on Conan.
YJ Draiman

The Sound of Silence: An Illustrated Serenade to the Art of Listening to One’s Inner Voice Amid the Noise of Modern Life.
A tender reminder that silence is not the absence of sound but the presence of an inward-listening awareness.

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Disturbed David Draiman Win Best Rock Video in 6th Annual Loudwire Music Awards

Disturbed Win Best Rock Video in 6th Annual Loudwire Music Awards

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It was a banner year for Disturbed that just added one more accolade. Loudwire’s readers have voted Disturbed’s video for “The Sound of Silence” as the Best Rock Video in the 6th Annual Loudwire Music Awards.
The band received a whopping 42 percent of the vote en route to the victory, with the strongest competition coming from Five Finger Death Punch’s video for “I Apologize” and the creative “Making Monsters” clip from John 5 and the Creatures.
Disturbed worked with acclaimed director Matt Mahurin on the video, and the director made the most of using black and white textures and shadowing in creating the visually stunning clip. His usage of close-ups on David Draiman also allows the viewer to feel the full intensity and feeling of the song as the singer uses his powerful pipes to sing the Simon & Garfunkel classic.
Once again, congrats to Disturbed, winners of the Best Rock Video in the 6th Annual Loudwire Music Awards! Watch the video one more time above.
Best Rock Video (Poll Closed)
Watch David Draiman Play ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction’

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